Turton Bond is 2 Years Old!

As Turton Bond celebrates our 2nd Birthday, we’d like to thank our Clients as well as our loyal Staff for helping us grow into an industry leading Cost Management firm, while also allowing us to cultivate a unique and diverse culture which promotes new ideas and approaches.

2020 was a particularly challenging year for all industries globally, so to be able to celebrate our 2nd birthday as a new business is a huge privilege, and testament to all of our hard working staff. Clearly the construction industry suffered some setbacks, and we witnessed a number of our consulting industry peers having to make some difficult decisions with regards to staff members and benefits etc which is never nice to see. Turton Bond are proud of the fact that we were not only able to retain all staff members, but also to continue payments and benefits on the original agreed terms throughout the pandemic. With the added challenge of trying to keep up morale from a socially distanced and safe perspective, it certainly made for some interesting zoom calls. Thankfully our staff embraced the challenge, and the collective buy-in from the team to stay connected and look out for each other, both personally and professionally, stands the company in good stead for the coming years.

Despite all of the challenges posed, Turton Bond were able to grow during 2020, both in staff numbers and in client engagements. None of this would be possible without the support and trust of the industry professionals and leads who chose to engage Turton Bond. As we look to the future, we are excited about our recent engagements as well as continued growth with our established clients. We truly believe in our approach and work product, and feel that we continue to offer a best in class, industry leading service.