2020 Charity Update!

Since opening for business in February 2019, Turton Bond has pledged to contribute to a charity each and every month of it’s operation. To date, over 20% of profit has been donated.

Rather than take the more ‘traditional’ approach of a firm partnering with one or two select charities, Turton Bond approaches charity donations differently. Across both offices, all staff members (including the founding Partners) are part of a rotation system whereby each month, a member of staff has a turn in selecting their respective charity. This process allows all staff members to feel that they can and do make an individual difference to their selected charity, with the support of the entire company. Turton Bond recognizes the importance of charity and giving back, and pledge to continue their monthly donations.

Some of the recipients of Turton Bond’s charitable donations to date are: CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education), NHS, Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, NY Cares Coat Drive and many more.