At 80lbs, I may look a little intimidating, but I love saying hi to everyone. Sometimes my dad yells at me for sprinting outside to get my treat from the mailman. My favorite activity is playing fetch and running in circles with other dogs. You can find me taking naps with dad and hiking with mom.

Meet Lou Lou Girl – I’m shy at first but very friendly once I get to know ya. I look up to my big brother Cole to show me the ropes. You can find me in the backyard chasing butterflies and keeping an eye out for bunnies. I love to cuddle mom and dad and get belly scratches.

My name is Gryff (short for Gryffindor). Don’t let my small stature fool you, I’m the toughest guy on the block. I may be stubborn, but I promise I can be sweet for a treat. My favorite activities are snuggling during a mid-day nap, playing with the other doggos at the park, and sunning myself on my parents’ balcony. I can play fetch for hours, just don’t make fun of my silly run! My favorite foods are cheese, mom and dad’s leftovers, and chicken, but don’t think my palate is too sophisticated not to eat the garbage buffet out on the street!

Weighing in at 40 lbs of pure hunk and ears, Gus is the best thing that happened to Kevin during the pandemic. Gus loves having his potbelly scratched, nibbling on his foot-long ears and sniffing for anything tasty in between his 18 hours of daily beauty sleep. What he lacks in energy and athleticism, he makes up for in good looks. The guy is irresistable. All passer-byers require a double-take when they get a glimpse of those 5 inch legs.

My name is Farrah, as in Farrah Fawcett. I was recently adopted 7 months ago. Some people think I am part basset because of my short stubby legs, but I’m just a lab from Belarus. My favorite things are belly rubs, food, and my Buffy comforter.

Meet Poppy the Chihuahua – I’m a super friendly and playful girl, my biggest motivations in life are food and dogs! I am either 100% or 0%, if I’m not running around the garden at full speed with my favorite toy, I’m lounging in the sun listening to the birds. My jobs around the house are cleaning up any food related messes or licking my humans faces clean at the end of every day. I like my walks, but only to meet other dogs, I lie down and wait for them to come up to me so my pawrents have to stop walking.

Meet Gilly the Pitty – you can usually find me asking my dad to take me on a walk to see my neighborhood dog friends or sitting in the sun on my front porch working on my tan. Most of the neighbors know me as the neighborhood watch dog because I like to stand guard at the front window for any suspicious activity – mostly warning everyone about neighborhood cats and squirrels. I love belly rubs and cuddling up on my favorite fuzzy blanket.

Hi I’m Orla. I’m new here in the big city but I love making new friends. I might look small but I’m a pocket rocket and I am known for being able to spin quicker that the human eye can comprehend. If you have a tennis ball I’ll be your best friend, but beware, I might pee a little in my excitement, but that just means I really like you.