With over 10 years’ experience in the construction industry, I have worked closely with various clients across multiple sectors such as, corporate real estate, data center development, big pharma, themed entertainment & education. Throughout my career, I have been integrated into many client teams providing program, cost, & contract management services. This has given me an in-depth understanding of how to adapt to and understand each specific client’s needs, working with multiple stakeholders within different organizations. No matter the type and scale of the engagement, my passion lies in bringing collaborative approaches and innovative ideas to exceed my clients’ expectations and to provide them with the best level of service.

Experienced in supporting numerous clients and co-workers across a variety of project disciplines including Contract Management, Supply Chain & Procurement and Cost Management. Key to my approach is a conscientious yet versatile manner that allows me to adapt to suit each client or project. I am motivated by opportunities to improve the delivery of projects through innovative Project & Commercial Management practices; using technology coupled with a relationship-driven approach. I value open, honest communication and collaboration to drive continuous improvement and a positive working environment for all involved in every project.

In my 6 years working in the construction industry, predominantly within the power and infrastructure sectors, I’ve gained invaluable experience performing various roles, from initial contract review to closing out final accounts, and everything in between. I take pride in my attention to detail and my ability to adapt when faced with difficult situations. With an emphasis on open and honest communication, I am committed to forging strong relationships with both clients and contractors alike.

With over 3 years of experience on major projects throughout the US, Canada and South East Asia, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of public and private sector clients. I have worked on projects in infrastructure, aviation, deep underground mining, tunneling, buildings, science technology and healthcare sector. Each sector and market has its own trends and challenges, but no matter what we’re working on or where the project is, my aim is to make sure complexity is managed and our clients’ goals are met. My educational background, technical experience and innovative spirit coupled with cross-disciplinary collaboration enable me to deliver high-quality work while maintaining the core objective of shaping a better world.

With over a decade in the construction industry, I’ve refined my skills in the core principles of Estimating and Quantity Surveying, enabling me to make significant contributions to project planning and cost management services. My career has been driven by a dedication to delivering high-quality work, with a focus on cost-effectiveness and maintaining strict adherence to project timelines. Working across a diverse range of projects for both public and private sector clients in the UK has provided me with valuable insights and growth opportunities. From initial estimates to project closeout, my role has been geared towards ensuring project success while also striving to provide exceptional service to foster repeat business.

I have over 6 years of experience in the construction industry as a Cost Manager, involved in projects pre and post contract in sectors such as education, commercial, office fit-out, leisure and local council that range from $1M to over $200M. During this time I have gained substantial experience in estimating, procurement, tendering, measurement, post contract and financial closeout, contract management and life cycle costing which allows me to advise the client thoroughly in various different cost management scenarios.

Having worked within the construction industry for 3 years, I have already gained invaluable experience and success across a range of residential new build projects. My role as the main contractors Quantity Surveyor has seen me work on numerous projects in the North-East of England, varying in contract value from £2m – £9m. Graduating from Northumbria University in September 2021, I spent my first two years balancing work and my degree whilst learning on the job. This has proven to be key to further enhancing skills I hold including time management, working within a fast-paced environment and the ability to multitask.

I have been actively involved in the construction cost consulting industry for the past 2 years working on a variety of different projects. I have experience in both the consultancy and general contractor side, where I gained practical experience both on the site and in the office on some of the most complex and cutting-edge residential projects in the Cape Town area. Since joining Turton Bond I have gained priceless experience in the pre and post-contract phases of a broad spectrum of projects ranging from upscale commercial and residential builds.