Darren Flood


With over 10 years’ experience in the construction industry, I have worked closely with various clients across multiple sectors such as, corporate real estate, data center development, big pharma, themed entertainment & education. Throughout my career, I have been integrated into many client teams providing program, cost, & contract management services. This has given me an in-depth understanding of how to adapt to and understand each specific client’s needs, working with multiple stakeholders within different organizations. No matter the type and scale of the engagement, my passion lies in bringing collaborative approaches and innovative ideas to exceed my clients’ expectations and to provide them with the best level of service.

Career Highlight:
After relocating from Ireland to the U.S, I had a unique opportunity to join a leading software company's data center development team as a cost manager. The project started out as a green field site and within three years, our team had delivered over a million square feet of data center space. I contributed to the success of this project by utilizing my pre and post-construction skills at all phases of the project from concept through closeout. This allowed me to build strong relationships with different stakeholders involved in the project, and to further my understanding of the roles, challenges, and interests each party had within the project. Looking back at this experience, it brings me a sense of personal achievement to have been involved in a project of this scale and complexity early on in my career.

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